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Step #4 - How-To Create and Schedule Playlists


Here we take a detailed look at using the Create/Schedule Playlists section. We will show you how to setup and schedule playlists, along with important tips you need to know.



  1. Create and Schedule Playlists from the Manage/Create Playlists page found in the Audio/Video dropdown of your dashboard.
  2. Use the "Create Playlist" button towards the top left of the page to create new Playlists. Set a title and description with care, since the title and description can sometimes be displayed to your viewers on your website or apps.
  3. Assign videos to your Playlist from your library using the "Add Video" button.
  4. Change the order of videos in your Playlist to arrange a programming lineup using the "Videos" button.
  5. Use "Set as Current Playlist" function to activate a Playlist immediately (within 60 sections of setting as current)
  6. To Schedule a Playlist for a future date and time, click "Edit" and set the "Mode" to "Schedule", then select the "Broadcast Date" and "Broadcast Time" that you want the Playlist to start, then click "Save" at the bottom.
  7. The "clock" icon indicates that the Playlist is scheduled and the "hand" iconindicates that the Playlist is in manual mode.
  8. Never edit videos in a live Playlist. If you need to make changes to the video lineup of an active Playlist, use the "Copy Playlist" function found under the "Audio/Video" dropdown. Make your changes to the copy, then switch to or schedule the new version of the Playlist to replace the current one. 

    Note: Playlists can be edited while still in the Playlist Queue, but once again, to avoid interrupting viewers,  edit Playlists that are actively streaming on your channel.  
  9. In the Playlist Queue you can see a list of all upcoming Playlists, with their respective broadcast dates and times.
  10. Tip on previewing Playlists: Preview your active stream by going to the "Streaming Overview" page found in the "Audio/Video" dropdown menu.
  11. Tip on playlist durations: Playlists loop automatically, meaning that no matter the duration of your Playlist the will run 24/7 without any downtime in the stream.
  12. Tip on placing advertisements: Playlists are linear streams, meaning that the videos play through in order one after another as you have set them in the "Videos" section, so take care to ensure you have the videos properly ordered. You can insert bumpers and advertisements/commercial breaks between shows, and pay attention to the frequency of ad placements based on the duration of the content in your Playlist to ensure you don't oversaturate a Playlist with commercials.
  13. Troubleshooting Playlist Stream or Scheduling failure: If your Playlist fails to stream at the scheduled time, or goes offline for any reason here are some helpful tips to help you resolve it:

    • From the "Playlist" dropdown menu, go to the "Playlist Checkup" page. This will automatically load a checkup on your live Playlist. You can also select other Playlists in question from the dropdown menu at the top right.

    • Here, look for significant variance (yellow, orange, or red highlights).

    • Pay attention to frame rates. All frame rates should be matching or as close to matching as possible. Frame sizes should always be matched (all 1920x1080 px. or all 1280x720 px., never mixed. Frame rates should be all the same, or very close.

    • If you have a video at 60 fps mixed with 30 fps or 24 fps videos in the same list, it will break. Just as with traditional broadcast TV, all streaming videos in the Playlist need to have matching frame rates and frame sizes to work without issues. This is because your channel has one frame size and frame rate profile, to which all of the video clips in your Playlist need to match.

    • When frame rates don't match, you will need to re-encode, upload and replace the videos with matching frame rates. Use a video editing software if you are producing your own content, or encoder like Handbrake to export videos with a matching frame rate, then re-upload a the new video and replace it in your playlist. You can also optionally remove the problem videos from your Playlist to immediately solve the issue.

    • Using "Kick Edge Stream" and "Reset Edge Stream": You should contact support if you have a serious problem with a Playlist. However if you have followed the steps above to resolve a problem on your own, use the "Kick Edge Stream" function on the "Streaming Overview" page and the subsequently available "Reset Edge Stream" function to reset your stream and bring it back online. Allow 1-2 minutes between resets for the reset to fully take affect.

    • Click here to contact support if a Playlist failure happens for further assistance.