Step #1 - Uploader Installation

Step #1 - Uploader Installation

Start here if your account is brand-new.
Installing our uploader software is the first step to populating your channel with video content and begin preparing for launch.  
Please watch the full video tutorial before installing the uploader to avoid issues caused by improper installation. 

Quick summary:
  1. Download the uploader software for your computer

  2. Download Java for your computer
  3. Install Java
  4. Open the TvStartup uploader  (and make sure you click " more info" >
    "open anyway
    " if using Windows and you get a firewall popup message,
    or for Mac users allow permission from System Preferences to open software from an unidentified developer.
  5. Enter your login credentials
  6. Add video file(s), assign titles, descriptions and optionally custom thumbnails
  7. Wait for the encoding and uploading processes to finish
  8. Find the videos in the "List Videos" section of your dashboard once completed
  9. TIP:  Use the recovery feature as needed to recover videos if your connection drops during upload or for any similar circumstance where an upload fails to complete.
  10. TIP:  Clear your .tvstartupmedia folder located on your "C:" drive periodically to free up hard disk space.  
  11. IMPORTANT NOTE: Supported formats are .MP4 and .MOV. Other MPEG based formats may also be compatible. Other video formats are not officially supported and may fail if attempted.

    Live Chat

    Use the Live Chat button found in the bottom right corner of our Help Desk to connect with our technical support staff for assistance with any issues or questions regarding your project or using our software. 
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